Free 14-day trial for unused sources

Data-driven organizations are using multiple applications to keep up with the increase in business demands.

This exponential increase in data points gives an interesting opportunity to explore new data sources and use cases. However, you may have not tried out or prioritized analytics on these new data points for various reasons.

It could be you don’t want to disturb your current data pipelines, or you don’t want to spend without knowing the value or validity of new data sources.

We understand you need to validate a new use case or data source before investing any resources. So, we have launched an initiative where you can try any unused data sources for free.

Free 14-day trial for unused sources

Now, both free and paid plan users will be able to start a free 14-day trial for any unused source. Unused sources are the ones that have not been used yet to create any data pipelines through your account.

We believe that a free trial should not be a one-time offering. You should always have an option to explore and validate new use-cases or data points without worrying about the subsequent cost.

Using this option, you can scale your analytics effortlessly with growing data. You can explore the value and insights from new data sources that you add to your stack instantly for free.

Setup data pipelines for unused sources without any additional costs and without disrupting your current data pipelines due to events quota exhaustion.

How to avail this offer?

To avail this offer, you can filter out unused sources on the source selection page while creating a pipeline. This is applicable to all types of data sources – SaaS sources or databases.

Events consumed by pipelines created with sources on free trial wouldn’t be counted towards your monthly events quota.

If you have more doubts about how it works, you can head over to our documentation to learn more.

Try for yourself and explore new data points

Login to your Hevo account to try out unused sources for free and explore new use cases. If you’re not an existing user, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

All your customer data in one place.

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